Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hopetoun Town and Country Fair

In the interests of updating this blog more often, I think I will convert it into a photo-blog with less text in future posts. I am still sightseeing around Edinburgh and the rest of the UK when I can, but find that trying to maintain two blogs is difficult for me. So, this blog will become a repository for my photos which are not directly related to art or are not included in my other blog.

First up, last month I attended the Hopetoun Town and Country Fair at Hopetoun House in South Queensferry. This is an annual event and hosts some (I understand) major horse trials for those in the hunter-jumper set. My own attendance was serendipitous; I won a ticket.

The Firth of Forth from Society Road which runs along the shore

The Firth of Forth Bridge panorama
The woods around Hopetoun House

Hopetoun House
Some of the fair vendors and the rear of Hopetoun House 
Horse Stables


More Jumping

The Library. There is a model of the house and grounds on the billiard table.

A Rembrandt. The House has a surprisingly good collection of great artists

A massive and intricately carved marble fireplace

The Serving Room

A stone, Celtic knotwork decorated pot or planter

Bonus Photo! Edinburgh Waverley Station and the Castle in the mist.

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