Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Leeds and York

Recently, I took a trip south to visit my partner's family in Leeds and on the way back we stopped in York. While in Leeds, we visited the Leeds City Market, an amazing market that has been running since the Victorian times, the Corn Exchange, now an upscale boutique mall, and the Leeds Museum. In York, we wandered the Shambles, saw the Minster, and just generally ambled through the streets. We went on the Jorvic Viking Village attraction, which is a rather unique approach to presenting history and archeology.  It vaguely reminded me of the train around Disneyland, but rather than passing the Grand Canyon and such, you're travelling through a Viking Village.

Anyway, if I stop to comment on all the photos, I'll be here all day and never actually get around to posting them, so here they are, without comment, photos from a trip to Leeds and York. Naturally, the first and last few photos were taken from the train...

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