Friday, April 11, 2014

Pine Lake and Carnforth in Lancashire

Last weekend was spent in the Lakes District of England at the Pine Lake Resort, a timeshare/points/resort kind of thing. Friends were visiting to see if they wanted to join and invited us along as their guests. To be honest, it was a little too suburban for my tastes, but it was very nice to spend time away from home and Uni and all the projects that I should have been doing.

We arrived via train from Edinburgh, via Lancaster, at Carnforth, a lovely little town with some nice quirkiness to it. The train station itself was where David Lean filmed A Brief Encounter in 1945. There is a nice little cafe and the heritage centre there is devoted to the film, as well as trains in general.

Carnforth is also home to the Carnforth Bookshop, one of the best second hand book shops I've been to for ages. It is four floors of books in fourteen rooms, with popular as well as antiquarian books, and a selection of new items on the ground floor. All in all, a great place to lose several hours in, or possibly several days!

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera(!) so had to rely on my phone for the photos I did take. Since we were mainly there for rest and relaxation, the bulk of them are ducks:

The welcoming committee.

There were brief bouts of sunny but brisk weather.

Duck, duck, goose!

Mama and ducklings

But there was rain much of the time we were there.

And the sun sets on our Pine Lake adventure.

The clock made famous from Brief Encounter. Time for lunch!

The Brief Encounter Cafe bar

Taken from the train. The country side on the way home is all rolling hills and sheep.

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